We value your time, your money and the FIT of the shoes you buy. The Internet and Big Box stores sell sizes. We sell FIT!  Bigger selection. More experienced staff. Better pricing. Faster in and out. Drive here once and see for yourself, your child’s feet deserve it. Just off I-75.

Shopping for children’s shoes does not have to be hard. We measure all feet, you stroll thought a huge store with 11,000+ pairs and we make sure the shoes FIT. We guarantee the lowest price and you get the best VALUE for your child. Your child will be more comfortable in shoes from Coggins Shoes.

Coggins For Kids History

Coggins Shoes opened in 1925 on the square in Marietta, GA. Coggins is owned by David Coppedge and been in his family since 1955. Coggins Shoes for Kids then moved to Eastlake Shopping Center in 1987.

What makes us stand out from the rest you ask?

  • Our highly trained staff measures feet and then verifies a proper fit.
  • Complete confidence in our low prices. No Internet price can beat ours, guaranteed.
  • We have a computer on our sales floor for any customer to try and find a lower price. Feel Free!
  • The open format store allows you to get in and out quicker than traditional stores.
  • Shopping at Coggins is about VALUE. We value your TIME, MONEY and that your child’s shoe FIT.

Contact your Coggins specialist today or feel free to come into our Marietta location for additional details on brands and current specials!

Over 4,000 discounted pairs in our outlet area!

This permanent sales area with over 4,000 pairs of discounted shoes are clearly marked with low sale prices. They are all the same national brands you see throughout the store.

15% to 60% OFF EVERY DAY!