Shoes For Kids Atlanta, GA

As a proud parent, you fully are aware that kids are always on the go and rarely enjoy taking breaks. With busy schedules of making lunches, helping with homework, and other family activities it is hard to find the time to stop and think about whether your children have the proper shoes on for their busy bee lifestyles! If this is you, don’t worry, as our friendly staff at Coggins Shoes for Kids- Marietta, GA has you fully covered! You can think of us as your one-stop-shop for a variety of shoes for kids in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.

Why Coggins Shoes For Kids?

At Coggins Shoes for Kids, our expert staff has been fitting children’s shoes from Atlanta’s largest selection since 1925. Our store offers a very diverse selection of children’s shoes, for ages 6 months to 11 years, that are stylish, affordable, and most importantly- comfortable for them to wear daily. Our selections range from comfy casual shoes to stylish dress shoes or choose from a variety of fun flip flops to our name brand athletic footwear. The open store format is unique for the brands of footwear we carry, saving you time and efforts when trying to find the right shoes.

In addition to having everything you need within one location, we also take pride in offering quality shoes at a competitive price! Here you will find that Shoes at Coggins are a better value because they fit! We also take pride in matching internet sale prices with our Low Price Guarantee program!

With our highly trained staff, larger selection, and better values than online pricing, we are confident we can find your child’s next stylish shoe!

Contact your Coggins specialist today for additional information on our in-store brands!

Coggins, A Better Value At Any Price

TV’s are about PRICE. Children’s footwear is about VALUE. The identical TV is the same regardless of where it is purchased. The identical pair of shoes are different, because of size. SIZING IS EVERYTHING! Buying the wrong size shoe for your child is not good value. Do-it yourself chain and big box stores don’t care about size.

Shopping at Coggins means shoes are fitted correctly. Coggins shoes are more comfortable over a longer period of time. So, whether it is our guaranteed low regular price or a 50% off sale shoe, a shoe from Coggins is a better value every time.

Remember: The bitterness of poor quality or sizing remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Why Are Fitted Shoes Important?

Some parents start to think, “Why not just buy any shoe? A shoe’s a shoe!” Well, our friendly and professional staff are all here to help you understand the importance of your children wearing the proper shoes daily. First, lets start with a little fun fact. Did you now that a child’s foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 separate muscles that are constantly changing? This brings us to the most important reason is that wearing the right size shoe is crucial for the proper development.

Another important factor to remember is that not all children’s feet are the same. Some may be bigger or wider than others, making each pair of shoes unique to your child. Making sure you select the proper fit is what our experts are here to help you with! Come in today and see what all the hype is about and find a pair of shoes that are not only beneficial for your child, but also a pair that they will love to wear daily!

Contact your Coggins specialist or feel free to stop in our Marietta location today for additional information on our selections and pricing! We look forward to helping you find your child’s next shoe for all of their needs!